Velcorin® Dosing Technology

Simply convincing technology

With Velcorin® (Dimethyldicarbonate/DMDC) we offer not only a highly effective solution for the cold sterilization of your beverage but in combination with state-of-the-art Velcorin® dosing equipment a truly full service.

The Velcorin® dosing pump can be installed in new or existing filling lines. Only minor modifications are necessary.

Features of Velcorin® DT Touch:

  • High-quality and robust dosing pump with monitorable dosing
  • Temperature-controlled stainless steel upper and lower carbinets containing 25 kg and 3 kg bottles
  • Control and visualization via touch panel PC
  • Excellent dispersion of Velcorin®
  • Beverage flow rate measurement trough mass meausurement device
  • Automatic ventilation Velcorin® side
  • Easy and safe operation

Control and visualization of dosing process

  • Incorporation into the electronic control system of the beverage production line
  • Automatic display of messages, warnings and maintenance intervals
  • System visualization in a dynamic flow chart
  • Clear overview of target and actual values
  • Storage of data from the past 24 months
  • Data transfer via USB
  • Variety of operator levels / access rights